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 Meet Iria, they say that she’s a German Shepherd (But I’m not sure about it). She’s about two months and very well mannered. 


Introducing Lady, my Dachshund

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This smallest of the hounds is short on leg but long on personality.

Meet Lady, a Dachshund puppy of three months.



This breed is very particular. Not only she’s funny but she’s also fun to be with. Her versatility makes her an excellent family companion!

Playful by nature, she’s always in action. 

Now that you’re a graduate, what’s next?

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Many of youngster these days have either an undergraduate degree or even a post graduate degree and are all facing a common BIG problem. The issue is that they are UNABLE to find a job.

Suppose they happen to get an interview, they will not be paid adequately for the level of education attained just because they do not have the necessary experiences. Don’t you think that the issue of exploitation arises?

Personally, I believe that these days after your first degree it’s better that you strive to get a job, gain some experiences and if ever in the work there is more prospects, why not go for a Master degree in that field?

What’s the use of producing elites when they can not find a suitable job?

Dear boys…

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The boy is a type of child made from a faulty chemical Y at the Man Factory.

Dear Boys,

I hope that one day you will fall on my blog and across this particular post. The trend among boys these days is to pretend to be so macho! Unfortunately it is  sad to see what you are doing to your future.

The most striking thing I have seen that is that boys  get over excited so easily upon petty issues. It is more than girls! Seriously after hearing a gossip form here and there all that crop into their mind is solving the issue physically.

My personal experience was at the University when someone higher up the ladder at the SU popped in the class while the teacher was still explaining. He  was hell-bent on throwing us out of the class to throw us out of that class. Luckily the lecture is a magistrate and he dealt with the issue very sensibly. He explained to him that we will almost end  and that he should allow us some more minutes When we left the class he was behaving like those stupid kids rejoicing upon a ‘victory’ and he dared to reply us ( almost like mocking us). I wonder if he was bullying our whole class…

Another kind of boys are those who are very protective towards ones particular friends. The moment the latter is in trouble or whatsoever, all they do is play the blame game instead of lending a helping hand.I believe keeping your sang-froid is one of the major attribute that define your personality and anyone who can refrain from acting stupidly in a fit of anger, pressure is someone with a great personality.

I do not understand boys’ particularly aggressive behaviour. (I’m not stereotyping..) I agree that they are trying to protect their self-esteem and that it is really heard to accept defeat in a boys’ discussion but seriously, the ones that forgive and move on are the better persons. The ones who keep their composure and take a good decision based on hollistic facts are
the real gentlemen.

To end, I am not stereotyping again.

Suicide in Mauritius…

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As praised, Mauritius is heaven. Nevertheless looking at the innumerable suicide cases these days it feels otherwise.

Suicide used to be common among people who had psychological problem, financial problem, relationship problem but the trend changed to educational and work constraints.

Mauritius is knowing a high number of suicide among youngsters. I think more specialised bodies should be set up to help those people who have suicidal tendencies or even if we know someone having those tendencies we try our level best to help them.

At the educational level, teachers should give up humiliation. Gone are the days when students were humiliated in front of the whole class and beaten as animals. There are various ways to punish a child. Psychology and pedagogy training should be mandatory in the curriculum of teachers.

Also, considering the 11 year old boy case who committed suicide lately we see that the child was beaten and he lost his father tragically. Adding up to this, his family lived in extreme poverty. When cases of murder happens in our country I think great assistance should be given to those relatives so as to avoid suicidal tendencies.

At professional level, more precisely in the Police Force section I think that the punishment given to the trainers should be reasonable. Not everybody have the same character or react the way. There are people who are very emotional by nature and the moment they are humiliated or shouted at they lose their control and are totally vulnerable to suicide. Professional should engage in a new policy that of treating workers well.

Stress is another fact leading to suicide and yet there are many ways to get over it. Many leisure facilities are available these days. One’s frustration should not be vent on others as it might have undesirable consequences. A personal fact was that last time a lecturer came to class and the only student she took upon was me. I was not given time to justify myself that she went on and on. The next moment I could not bear that anymore and I made her aware that I was leaving her class. I reported the matter to the people concerned and soon the matter was solved. However, the opinions of other who were present that particular time in class are really biased. It used to extremely disturbed me to step again in that class but  many of my loving ones really encouraged me to get over that. It worked. Have I not be surrounded by such people I would have seriously made a nervous break down.

So whenever you are humiliated, on the verge to have a nervous break down, feeling awkward about opinions and regards of others, talk to your dear ones.

Are some doctors without brains or ethics?

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At times we found ourselves in situations where people get you on your nerves and you try hard to control your words.

Happened that I fell ill and went to the hospital. On entering the doctor’s room, the very first thing she asks me why did not I go the dispensary? I was stunned! I replied nicely to her that in the dispensary all I get as medicine is ‘Panadol'(paracetamol) for any health constraints I get. She told me bluntly ” This is what you will get here as well.” She was so arrogant and angry. I felt like she was paying me for taking her time. She asked me useless questions instead of coming to the point directly.

She made me feel so awkward with her questions that I frowned. Then I told her I have been suffering from certain muscular pain and other health constraints and i waited for a question to proceed further. Nevertheless all she could tell me was “You don’t have illness.Stomach pain in not an illness.You are not ill.”

This time I could not bear her anymore and was about to move out of her room. When she saw I was angry and bored with her silly questions and answer game, she took her stethoscope and put it on my chest and asked if  I was allergic with any medicine. I gave her a response and she proceeded with her writings. Eventually all I got as medical care was paracetamol and dyclofenac to be drink together thrice a day.


I wonder if this will cure my health problems. No doubt  we hear a lot of complaints about doctors these days in Mauritius. I am not generalising but there are excellent doctors as well in our country. I respect your knowledge dear doctors but I would like to highlight the fact that it is because we, ordinary people  demand your services that you are employed and your earn a decent living and status. But why is it that you people make us so desperate to let us know what we really suffer from?


No courtesy..

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Few days ago, on my way to university, I was waiting for the express bus early in the morning (6.3O a.m). Unfortunately, that was not my day as i got standing all way long from Goodlands to PortLouis! This is the most awful thing that a girl can endure.

When i got in the bus, i had to go at the back to stand as more people will be getting in the bus on the next stop. As the bus speeded,  tiny as i am, i was going in all the directions. Poor me, it was difficult to stand up handing that bar for 45 minutes. In the back, sat all the men and boy but no one had the courtesy to offer me their place. We wonder where all the courtesy has gone!

I remember one morning last year in the express i gave my place to an old man because i could see the difficulties he was having to stand while the bus is going at full speed. Being a girl ,i offered my place and the men kept looking as if it was something normal. I am not generalising but i got friends (boys) who do give their place.

Last time, a few friends and i went for lunch and while crossing the road, a bus stopped to give us way.  As we crossed the road,a car behind the bus, overtook it and ran over the pedestrian crossing. We stopped on the spot and we got panicked. Luckily  the driver stopped at the right moment. We stared at him hoping, at least, for an apology but to our surprise,  he swore at us and drove away. Not only he was wrong but he had guts to get angry at us. Damn! where the courtesy has gone?

In our everyday life, we all encounter such problems and no doubt, with time,Mauritian courtesy is disappearing.People it is high time to get to introduce again courtesy in our culture.