Suicide in Mauritius…

February 26, 2012 § 5 Comments

As praised, Mauritius is heaven. Nevertheless looking at the innumerable suicide cases these days it feels otherwise.

Suicide used to be common among people who had psychological problem, financial problem, relationship problem but the trend changed to educational and work constraints.

Mauritius is knowing a high number of suicide among youngsters. I think more specialised bodies should be set up to help those people who have suicidal tendencies or even if we know someone having those tendencies we try our level best to help them.

At the educational level, teachers should give up humiliation. Gone are the days when students were humiliated in front of the whole class and beaten as animals. There are various ways to punish a child. Psychology and pedagogy training should be mandatory in the curriculum of teachers.

Also, considering the 11 year old boy case who committed suicide lately we see that the child was beaten and he lost his father tragically. Adding up to this, his family lived in extreme poverty. When cases of murder happens in our country I think great assistance should be given to those relatives so as to avoid suicidal tendencies.

At professional level, more precisely in the Police Force section I think that the punishment given to the trainers should be reasonable. Not everybody have the same character or react the way. There are people who are very emotional by nature and the moment they are humiliated or shouted at they lose their control and are totally vulnerable to suicide. Professional should engage in a new policy that of treating workers well.

Stress is another fact leading to suicide and yet there are many ways to get over it. Many leisure facilities are available these days. One’s frustration should not be vent on others as it might have undesirable consequences. A personal fact was that last time a lecturer came to class and the only student she took upon was me. I was not given time to justify myself that she went on and on. The next moment I could not bear that anymore and I made her aware that I was leaving her class. I reported the matter to the people concerned and soon the matter was solved. However, the opinions of other who were present that particular time in class are really biased. It used to extremely disturbed me to step again in that class but  many of my loving ones really encouraged me to get over that. It worked. Have I not be surrounded by such people I would have seriously made a nervous break down.

So whenever you are humiliated, on the verge to have a nervous break down, feeling awkward about opinions and regards of others, talk to your dear ones.


§ 5 Responses to Suicide in Mauritius…

  • Zuleikha says:

    I think you are totally right in what you are saying and its encouraging to see few people concerned about these serious matters happening in our society and touching the young ones. I believe that it is difficult to know when someone have these suicide temptations but as you said that your dear ones helped you when you were down..i think that whenever someone sees a person in a difficult situation where he founds no way ahead then this someone should try to adventure in this person’s matter and be at least here to listen to him. This is because when a person is going through a difficult phase it is very helpful and soothing to have somebody to at least talk to and to evacuate all the negative feelings. Am very happy that you raised that point. Thanks

    • rista18 says:

      Thanks for sparing some time to go through my blog. I hope my message will be passed. The least I can do to save our youngster is through blogging and sharing via social network. Suicide is a scourge that is increasing considerably!!Youngster wake up and help our friends.

  • ashna says:

    wow..i guess that..your arguments were excellent. am a student of HSC and i usually need researches to do my GP essays and this did really help. Not only for my essay but this is a serious issue in mauritius actually! Teenagers do not think before they take a step. They just bother only for themselves not even for their parent. Solution to each and every problem is not suicide. Well i think if the adolescents read this maybe they would know about what truely suicide is. that my point of view. thanks a lot for helping me in my essay.

  • Mokshada says:

    High expectations of the parents, inability to perform well in the competitive exams are among the various reasons behind this extreme step. 😉

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